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NEW SONG! 'Not Another Ballad' OUT NOW! 


Russian-born kiwi singer/songwriter Marina Bloom releases new single 'Not Another Ballad'!

The enigmatic vocalist has released her latest song which is a notable departure from her usual softer offerings. 'Not Another Ballad' is a bid to appease her band with an upbeat foot-stomping tune, worthy of a turn on the dance floor. 

Marina has been writing ballads with her good friend and lyricist Michael Davis for three years. These ballads have garnered attention: national radio…

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New single 'Flying' released! 

The song ‘Flying’ had a very interesting journey. 

My lyricist and friend, Michael Davis, had read a book called ‘Fear of Flying’ by Erica Jong (a 1973 novel known for its contribution to second-wave feminism!) and the song had gotten its start. 

When Michael showed me the lyrics, I heard the chorus melody in my head straight away. It took me a while to get the verse melody, but within a few weeks of December, 2018, the melody and lyrics were finalised. 

We started on the production of the song with Karl…

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Concert announcement! A Night To Remember, May 26! 

The time has come! I am so excited to announce that I will be playing in Auckland at the Anthology Lounge on Sunday, 26th May… and you are invited! 

I have selected the most popular songs from my previous album and my new songs which you have already been favouring on social media! 

Thank you for all of your positive comments, I have created this show for you! 

The two hours of my music performed with my six piece band has something to dance to and something to reflect to... 

We will be joined by a talented…

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'The Tree' single released for International Women's Day! 

The lyrics of this song are very dear to my heart because they are the first lyrics that I've written in my mother-tongue of Russian, and the story in the song is one I feel strongly about. You can listen/stream/purchase/download the song by selected your preferred platform by clicking here.

Please support this song by sharing with the people you know who share your similar music taste. And you can look forward to more songs in the near future!

I am planning a concert in Auckland! 

For the moment the details are under wraps, but it's going to be an amazing show and I can't wait to bring some of my new music to you!

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Here's a new picture taken at an amazing Auckland location with the talented photgrapher, Mariia Damask!

Marina Bloom - The Night To Remember

Anthology Lounge, Karangahape Road, Auckland

Marina Bloom is thrilled to treat her fans to a two-hour show in the heart of Auckland city. Performing all of her most-loved songs from her debut album “When I Am Gone” as well as fresh, unreleased creations.

Longtime fans treasure Marina's unique ability to harness a wide variety of genres. Though her mainstay is pop, soft rock and country; Marina has also turned her versatile song-crafting skills to Russian pop, house, techno and jazz tunes. Come enjoy this intimate evening to be immersed in Marina's heartfelt songs, soulful vocals and skilled band. Check out Marina’s music on YouTube and Spotify.