Marina Bloom and her band Moving Stuff are an experienced group of musicians of diverse backgrounds playing an eclectic blend of original songs. 

Marina grew up in Russia singing and performing the traditional songs of her homeland. After she migrated to New Zealand she discovered songwriting and started collaborating with a local lyricist, Michael Davis and they’ve now penned over 60 songs, many of which have been recorded. 

Her debut album 'When I Am Gone’ was released late last year across all the major streaming platforms via New Zealand label Lost By Design. 


      There's a very retro feel about these songs — their roots often in the Seventies and Eighties – but Bloom possesses a voice which could cut through at mainstream radio with the five-minute 'Houston We Have a Problem' which again works that restrained power ballad idiom and lyrically references Bowie/Life on Mars." 

- Graham Reid - Elsewhere Music Review


 Definitely one of my "must own" albums of the year! 

- Phil O'Brien  - Radio NZ


Marina’s songs cover a wide range of styles including country, rock, pop, jazz and electro-dance.

Her track ‘Someone Else's Life’ won the Dance track of the Month in the Akademia Music Awards in LA in 2016.

The release of the music video for the silky pop ballad ‘Heroes’ in 2016 went viral, attracting over 30,000 views across Facebook and YouTube in just a few days. 

Marina is not your typical songwriter. She is a passionate human rights activist and futurist, lawyer and business analyst. She advocates for the Zeitgeist movement and organises flash mobs with other dance enthusiasts. You can also find her giving talks on the benefits of raw food, writing kids’ music and performing Russian songs with her Russian choir. 

Marina got the band together via the local website in the beginning of 2016. 

The band members are all experienced musicians, were looking for something new, something different and loved Marina’s music: 

  • Michael Cranna - drummer
  • Chris Nalder – bass player
  • Josh Brown – lead guitar and backup vocalist 
  • Karl Benton – keyboard
  • Caz Kelly  - backup vocalist

One of the band’s fans said: 

“The first album I ever bought was Queen’s ‘A Night at the Opera’. As a fourteen year old, I was staggered by the outrageously eclectic array of songs Queen had dared to release on that album. Whilst their music is very different, watching a recent gig of Marina’s at the Kings Arms in Auckland was a similarly diverse experience of different musical genres that amazingly all seemed to work together!”

The band have had great reception at Auckland live venues and are looking forward to playing at festivals and venues across New Zealand and Australia.